miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016

Cold Calls next 29th of february

Preface Introduction

It's 00:40 Friday 12 February, a typical winter Friday closed, cold and rainy with only novelty is the weekend of love as shopping malls. After the relevant calls to reassure mine I'm still shocked by all experienced in the last 72 hours. I hardly wise to put the keys in the ignition. The contrast between the cold of the night and the body heat of my body accelerated make the car windows fogging with the same speed with which one is trying recortándole kilometers on the road. I say trying since having his head still processing all the information from the last three days of forced sleeplessness I can not meet the GPS instructions that the only thing that helps me is like soniquete background. Wipers, breathless, fail to evacuate the water blanket in its entirety.
After driving several hours I look at my watch, it's already 02:30 am and must be about 230 kilometers closer to meet with mine but then look at the GPS and I realize I've been driving like a headless chicken no direction without advancing without following even one of the signs of my improvised traveling companion.
I need to stop at the first service road not tired, it would be lawful for the last three days I have been without food or sleep, but because in these conditions can spend hours on end without really knowing where I'm going.
Meson Hidalgo, a former mill re-conditioned as a cafe in the middle of nowhere in the R4 direction Cordoba became my first stop. I get off the car in the same condition in which I rode, lost and lonely look gray in my thoughts every time I close my eyes.
The dining room is completely empty only waiter with a scowl for having woken up, makes me a hot coffee to keep warm. With my hands wrapped around the cup to warm I'm trying to get my mental loop that has fallen jammed in the past three days. I know I need to give a solution because being well with nothing good situation can bring me as I do not have any of my close ask pen and paper to the waiter and decided to give vent to my feelings writing this story as only 33 years I have had, say luck or misfortune to live in my own flesh both sides of the legal and police power of this fucking country being totally disillusioned, disappointed seeing all the values ​​that I have been brought up in just three days they have crumbled before my eyes.

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